A feast for crows, boken som aldri kommer

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Synopsis of A feast for Crows, book 4 of A song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin,
Continuing the most ambitious and imaginative epic fantasy since The Lord of the Rings A Feast for Crows brings to life dark magic, intrigue and terrible bloodshed as the war-torn landscape of the Seven Kingdoms is threatened by destruction as vast as any in its violent past. The War of the Five Kings has ripped Westeros apart. The bloodthirsty, treacherous and cunning Lannisters occupy the Iron Throne, with allies as ruthless as themselves. Lord Frey was host at the Red Wedding, so called for the massacre of the guests, their screams unheard above the music of the feast. Euron Crow's Eye is as black a pirate as ever raised a sail, sworn to deliver the whole of Westeros to the ironborn. No less to be feared are their enemies. The Starks of Winterfell and the Martells of Dorne seek vengeance for their dead. And the last of the Targaryens, Daenerys Stormborn, will bring fire and blood to King's Landing when her young dragons reach their terrifying maturity. The last war fought with dragons was a cataclysm powerful enough to shatter the Valyrian peninsula, now a smoking, demon-haunted ruin half drowned by the sea. Against a backdrop of alchemy and murder, victory may go to the men...

Har ventet p denne boken i snart 2 r n... Smerte

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*forske lukke ynene* De bkene er nemlig p min omfangsrike leseliste. Det er omtrent like lett som la vre f med meg hva som skjer i Buffy sesong 7 mens jeg venter p f kjpt / lnt den s jeg fr se den selv!!

25.05.2004 @ 12:19
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Postet av: delirium

Leseliste er postet p min egen blogg. Hvis du i tilleg nsker f anbefalt noen knakende gode bker s m du bare si i fra *veive storslagent ut med armene* *vre lesehest*

26.05.2004 @ 11:42
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